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Manage your leads and turn more of them into long-term customers with the easy to use and scaleable Marketing 360® CRM for roofers.

An easy to use CRM for roofers.

Use the Marketing 360® CRM to manage all your leads in one place. Add as many team members as you need, create custom fields to store any contact information you need, assign tasks, track deals and sales pipelines, assign contacts to specific team members, use your CRM on your phone or desktop computer from anywhere with internet access and more! Use the best CRM for roofers to manage all your leads!

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All the tools a roofer needs to manage leads in one CRM.

Simply login to Marketing 360® at any time to access your CRM and manage your leads. Need help? Call or email your Marketing Executive whenever you'd like for assistance. The Marketing 360® CRM is the easiest to use and most affordable CRM to you'll find for roofers.

Powerful customer relationship management for roofers.

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