Retargeting Ads®

Leads will visit many roofing websites before hiring one. Retargeting motivates them to hire you.

Retargeting Ads® keep your roofing brand in front of leads as they research which roofing company to hire. This generates more sales by motivating them to hire you.

Remarketing is essential to making more sales.

When peoople are looking to hire a roofer, 97% of them research 3 to 5 roofing companies online before hiring one. Retargeting Ads® keeps your roofing brand in front of these potential customers while they go through this research process by displaying your banner ads on various websites they browse. Thus, they constantly see your brand when they do things like go to YouTube, check the news and more. By doing this, you are remembered and trusted which motivates more leads to hire you instead of your competition.

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Wow, it makes remarketing easy.

With Retargeting Ads®, all the work’s done for you!

A dedicated Marketing Executive will manage and optimize your Retargeting Ads® program for you. Simply login to Marketing 360® at any time to monitor results. Or, call or email your Marketing Executive whenever you’d like. Spend as much or as little of your own time improving your remarketing lead flow by leveraging the power of the Retargeting Ads® software and the talents and time of your Marketing Executive who is a certified remarketing expert for roofers.

Powerful remarketing software for roofers.

Watch as your remarketing list grows month over month.

The longer you are running Retargeting Ads®, the more leads that are seeing your brand as they browse websites online everyday. Most people research roofers well in advance so this is a highly effective way of keeping your brand top of mind.

Get proven-to-work, eye-catching banner ads and landing pages.

Get instant access to top performaning roofer banner ad designs and landing pages so your Retargeting Ads® drive the best possible results. No A/B testing or trial and error; the Retargeting Ads® program comes with killer ready-to-go campaigns.

Optimization algorithms get you more leads for less budget.

Built-in optimization algorithms help you get more leads for less over time by funnelling more budget toward top performing ads and improving under-performing ads. No other remarketing program available today can match it!

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Watch the performance of your campaign improve over time.

Your ROI increases over time as your remarketing campaigns grow and become more optimized. 97% of traffic does not become a lead the first time it visits your website, but remarketing gets them to convert later, when they’re ready.

Target when, where and who sees your remarketing banners.

With Retargeting Ads® you can target when, where, who and how much people see your ads. Show one set of banners to somebody that looked at one service and another set to somebody that looked at a different service. It’s easy and effective.

Intelligent reporting & analytics at your fingertips.

Get up-to-the-minute tracking & analytics on your remarketing and compare the Retargeting Ads® program with other lead-driving programs in seconds. Track key statistics such as Visibility, Clickability, Convertibility™ and more.

Never Lose a Roofing Lead with Retargeting

The internet is full of tire-kickers. People research information, they check-out multiple services… divert to the millions of choices they have online.

For most websites, data shows that more than 95% of visitors leave without taking action.

Does this mean the lead is lost for good?  Not if you use retargeting.

Your Automated Sales Follow-Up

If you ever worked in sales you know that the “one-call close” is rare. It usually takes multiple follow-ups to close the deal.

Retargeting Ads® is an automated way to follow-up with your website visitors. It’s a reminder that keeps your company’s name in mind as your prospective clients surf the web.

You can use general message about your brand in your ads. Or you might try a special offering. You can create lists that target homeowners, another for commercial clients.

Target Your Roofing Ads

If you’re targeting hot leads in an area where a storm has created a lot of roof damage, you can show ads several times a day.  If you’re targeting general roof repair or replacement, you can dial that down.

The roofing business is competitive.  You need to follow through with every possible lead in your area.  Retargeting Ads® is a another tool to keep you in front people who are actively looking for a roofing contractor.

You never know.  That person who quickly visited your site then left–and would have been lost except for Retargeting Ads®–could turn into the best job of year.

Put technology to work in your follow-up campaigns. Retargeting Ads® are an affordable solution with major ROI potential.

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