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When the Dog Catches the Car

We had a roofer client who came to us recently with his story of DIY digital marketing. At first, he thought it looked like no problem.  He started by designing a website himself on a free template system.  He thought … Continued

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How to Prioritize Your Roofing Leads

There are three levels of engagement with roofing leads, and each requires different strategy and budget from your online marketing.   Hot Leads Hot leads know they need to hire a roofer and they know about you.  They visited your … Continued

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Race to the Rooftop

There are a lot of things that aren’t races that we, in our competitive nature, turn into a race. A lot of things we chase the prize for, for which there is no prize. You don’t win a prize for … Continued

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Roofing Leads Want the Real Thing

You see an Italian deli with a picture of a deluxe pizza in the window banner.  A group is grabbing at slices, their eyes and smiles open wide for the stringy cheese sizzling with pepperoni.  They seem to be surrounded … Continued

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Your Marketing’s On the Roof

A roofer contacts a marketing company to get an evaluation of his current marketing. The consultant gets back to him with the news:  his marketing is dead.  He needs to start over. “My God!” he exclaims.  “Did you have to … Continued

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