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Your Marketing’s On the Roof

A roofer contacts a marketing company to get an evaluation of his current marketing. The consultant gets back to him with the news:  his marketing is dead.  He needs to start over. “My God!” he exclaims.  “Did you have to … Continued

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Don’t Fear Marketing’s Changes

We recently had a roofer come in for a consultation.  Not a person you’d describe as a “techie”, he felt after 6 months he was starting to get an idea of the online marketing big picture. At one point, his … Continued

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Roofing Leads Are “You”

Are your roofing leads “them”?  Or worse, “it”? When there is a problem at your roofing company, does “I” take the blame, or is it always “we”? Likewise, when something great happens, does “I” take the credit, or does it … Continued

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The Last Learning Experience

Well, things didn’t turn out as well as we hoped, but it was a learning experience.  Our roofer marketing isn’t performing, but we’ve done our best. If you’re starting out in a new roofing business, or you have one that’s … Continued

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Hit Hail Storm Marketing Hard with PPC

Every roofer knows that a hail storm is natures way of creating roofer lead-generation. Immediate roof damage means immediate work.  It also mean immediate competition from every other roofer in the area. On way to get quick jump on that … Continued

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